Welcome to The MOB Gaming  official community Discord server!  Please take a moment to review our rules.   All Members are expected to follow these server guidelines, anyone who breaks any rule may have corrective actions taken, depending on the severity. TMG staff reserves the right to ban/kick individuals who do not comply.

1. Do Not be Disrespectful to any member on the server. We do not condone any disrespect, Moderators and Admins WILL take action if this occurs. You MUST follow The Commandments at all times.

2. No nudity or explicit content is allowed on any channel. Doing so will result in a temporary or permanent ban from the server and/or Community.

3. Please ONLY spam in #spam-channel

4. Please view the channel's overviews to be aware of the channel's purpose and important information about the channel.

5. DO NOT Spam Tag/Mass Mention. 

6. If you feel someone is suspicious of anything, Please report any suspicious activity to a officer in charge.

7. Do not advertise other discord servers or brands/organizations not affiliated with TMG. 

8. There is to be NO talk about blacklisted clans or members. There is to be NO talk about Membership revoked members.

9. All Discord names/nicknames MUST be set to your current and EXACT gamertag at all times. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary actions. 

10. Jokes pertaining to a decision made by Senior Leadership will not be tolerated.

11.  We're all adults here! 


 The Don/ The Godfather 

 Chief Advisors 

 The Boss 

 UnderBoss (Generals) 

 Consigliere (Captains) 

 Caporegimes (Lieutenant) 



Made Man